Superior quality drinking water manufactured in accordance with stringent demands for hygiene and under the surveillance of the Norwegian Health Authorities. The product is internationally approved.

Seven OceanS® is the world´s leading brand for emergency food and water rations through 60 years.

  • Approved by the Seafaring authorities in all the major shipping nations.
  • One standard ration for all flags.
  • Superior quality exceeding all requirements.
  • Provides a balanced diet for survival at sea.
  • 5 years shelf life unconditionally
  • Complies with SOLAS/ISO 18813:2006 and E.C. Directive 98/83.

Product Description:

How ?  –

Drink directly from the sachet, Save drinking water, Drink maximum 0.5 L every 24 hrs.

Each unit contains 500 ml
– 5 inner sachets of 2 x 50 ml
– 30 units/carton
– 15.00 kg net/carton
– 5 years shelf life exceeding SOLAS requirements.

The flexible packets offer minimum weight and are easy to stow.

Also usable in a frozen condition